As a boy, Andrew Slaton sat for hours enamored, watching National Geographic nature documentaries on PBS.  He dreamt of the day that he too would wander through vast, romantic landscapes, searching out the most beautiful places and animals to capture with his camera.

His first real wilderness experience in junior high came when he set out with a group in Colorado's backcountry for a week long, 70 mile hike.  He asked to borrow his father's 1970's era Canon AE-1 35mm film camera.  He shot a dozen or so rolls of film on that trip, and fell in love.

On that trip, he had fallen deeper in love with nature, but now he had begun his love affair with photography.  Over the next ten years, he would struggle to grow as an artists... moving forward by feel more than by technique.  

Andrew attended the University of Texas at Austin and earned his bachelor’s degree in photojournalism, where he began to explore the technical side of shooting and developing film.  

Ansel Adams' book The Negative had a huge impact on his work at this time. 

As he explored the Zone System, light and tone began to come alive for him.

During and after college, Andrew studied under some of the best photographers in Texas, including James Evans and Laura Wilson, among others.  But he wasted no time branching out on his own...

He has been a professional photographer for 15 years, and in those years, he traveled the world for a variety of clients, and won several international awards.

One of his early jobs was at a weekly newspaper in the Wind River mountains of northwestern Wyoming, where he fell in love with the Wind River Range.  

His photographs have appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, and books including, Sierra, Outside, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Highways, The Telluride Daily Planet, Austin Chronicle, American Motorcyclist, among others,

and a commercial client list that includes Major League Baseball, Nemo Equipment, prAna, Nordstrom, Ted Turner’s Vermejo Park Ranch, The University of Notre Dame, and many others..

He also regularly contributes stock video and still footage, and is represented by Tandem Stills + Motion in Los Angeles, CA.

He is excited to now share his love, experience, and knowledge of travel and photography through his workshops,  “This is the ‘new school’ of workshops.  I am passionate about my work and I love sharing that with people.”

Andrew and Ellen now live on the road, traveling full-time.

I am passionate about my work and I love sharing that with people!

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